Monday, January 30, 2012

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Accent Walls

CREATE Great Accent Wall using reclaimed Pallets/Wood

These examples all use a horizontal mounting pattern starting from the bottom up. Sand down or chemically clean the wood prior to staining and/or sealing the wood. Then mount to desired effect.

The feeling created can range from rustic to modern, and eccentric

Great uses creating Shelving, Jewelry box, or Tool Storage Space

Give a cabin-like makeover to your attic or basement. It will add warmth and change the tone of the room especially if it is a large echo-ey space

Paired with a modern low bed, and cheap industrial lighting fixtures

Cozy Retro "That 70's Show" Deco

Adding other reclaimed & painted wood gives a dramatic accent wall that is FAR different from a dark cabin look

Nursery makeover, Modern and warm


  1. How was the gray tone effect achieved in you bed alcove photo?

  2. In wood working, which is often times described as the process of creating, making, carving, and building something with the use of wood. It was said that woodworking has been here for sharp 3000

  3. Cool designs for cheap! Seems like great projects to warm up my new bandsaw I've heard great things about from sawinery blog. Will put it to the test soonest by trying to recreate these items.