Monday, January 30, 2012

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Accent Walls

CREATE Great Accent Wall using reclaimed Pallets/Wood

These examples all use a horizontal mounting pattern starting from the bottom up. Sand down or chemically clean the wood prior to staining and/or sealing the wood. Then mount to desired effect.

The feeling created can range from rustic to modern, and eccentric

Great uses creating Shelving, Jewelry box, or Tool Storage Space

Give a cabin-like makeover to your attic or basement. It will add warmth and change the tone of the room especially if it is a large echo-ey space

Paired with a modern low bed, and cheap industrial lighting fixtures

Cozy Retro "That 70's Show" Deco

Adding other reclaimed & painted wood gives a dramatic accent wall that is FAR different from a dark cabin look

Nursery makeover, Modern and warm

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  1. How was the gray tone effect achieved in you bed alcove photo?