Monday, July 15, 2013

Featured Artist- Melissa Ormonde

Meet Melissa Ormonde- The craft queen, reining from Arroyo Grande, California. She's an award-winning seamstress, and vintage artifacts collector; a truly inspiring combination! Whether she is arranging succulents, thrift store shopping, or sewing sheets into swing dancing dresses, her love and dedication to preserving the past is impressive! She is always finding creative ways to recycle and upcycle used fabric, and rescues pieces of the past from garage sales. She studied anthropology (no, not the clothing store) and spent 2 years in Tonga for the Peace Corps.

Melissa Ormonde- DIY-er & More

Handmade Bags for a local  craft fair in Halcyon, California

Handmade Resin Earrings for craft fair in Halcyon, California

Handmade Hair Bows- Halcyon, California

Shopping bags made from recycled sheets- Halcyon, California

Origami Jewelry

Handmade graphic pendants              recycled vintage clothing

You can view her ETSY Shop HERE

You can view her Scavenger Hunt Blog HERE