Monday, October 17, 2011

Palate Pallet Palette

This blog is an attempt to cover 3 of my favorite things, Eating/Food/Culinary (Palate) Design & Crafts (Pallet) Art & Music (Pallette)

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1.Anatomy . the roof of the mouth, consisting of an anterior bony portion (hard palate)  and a posterior muscular portion (soft palate)  that separate the oral cavity from the nasal cavity.
2.the sense of taste: a dinner to delight the palate.
3.intellectual or aesthetic taste; mental appreciation.

1. a bed or mattress of straw.
2. a small or makeshift bed.

1. a thin and usually oval or oblong board or tablet with a thumb hole at one end, used by painters for holding and mixing colors.
2. any other flat surface used by a painter for this purpose.
3. the set of colors on such a board or surface.
4. the range of colors used by a particular artist.
5. the variety of techniques or range of any art: a lush but uneven musical palette.

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