Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Improve your Palate

Ever wonder how & why you develop tastes for things you once hated? Tastes evolve and developing your palate for wine, beer, spirit, or food tastings can be as easy as following these tips:

Smoke- no matter what kind- diminishes your ability to smell and taste. Nicotine suppresses the nerve activity in the brain that detects taste. 

2.) Pay attention to what you are eating
Be mindful when you eat. Pay attention to the color, textures, and flavors of every bite. Try to eat without distractions like television, work, or driving. Eat slowly and compare and contrast each ingredient. 

3.) Try new foods
Eat all the colors of the rainbow everyday. Giving your diet a variety will ensure you get all the essential nutrients, and plenty of fiber, iron, and protein. Introducing new foods will stimulate your palate and help you to identify flavors in more complex dishes.

4.) Avoid foods that coat/distract your palate
Strong flavors, salts, sugars, and fats coat your palate and overstimulate your tastebuds making it harder to distinguish between subtle flavors. Cutting out these may make your food taste bland for the short-term, but will help your overall health and improve your eating experiences for the long-term

5.) Stay healthy!
A cough, cold, and stuffy sinuses can inhibit your sense of smell & taste

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