Saturday, December 10, 2011

David Lynch Designs

 wire chair' by david lynch, manufactured by domeau & peres
photo: sabine pigalle

the 'wire' series (manufactured by domeau & peres) are welcoming seats 
and sofas in the library lounge, characterized by a curved metal rod that is 
harmonically unjustified in its clustered complexity, positioned under each

 'cinema seats' by david lynch (manufactured by quinette)

cinema seats 
the cinema seats (manufactured by quinette) are the result of 
a special ergonomic study that has been conducted to match a spacious and 
atypical manner to experience the cinema viewing. the seat owns a reduced 
inclination and straightforward geometry to allow the guests a liberated position. 
each seat has its leg stretch pouf, tray, lamp and uncompromised space. 
projected bronze has been applied to the entire support of the seat.

silencio club owners arnaud frisch, manu barron and anthony caton invited david lynch 
to create a 'unique club experience' the result is a new space located at 42 rue montmartre 
that is inspired by and named after club silencio from the film mulholland drive made by 
lynch in 2001.

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